Born in 1973, she graduated in 1996 at the faculty of textile design at the Shandong Academy of Fine Arts; in 2001, she obtained a second degree in textile design at the University of Qinghua, where she attendeda Master’s to qualify in teaching.

She taught art from 1996 to 1998 at the Shandong Trade-Union Administrative Institute as an adjunct professor. Since 2000, she has collaborated with the most important Italian, English and Chinese textile design companies.In 2000, she began her painting career with exhibitions and collaborations in the United States, central and southern America and Europe. Her work was developed through research dedicated to abstraction, but still connected to certain historic references deriving from Chinese realism. Since 2001 she began  her artistic career in various exhibitions and projects with allocations of special prizes.In 2010, she takes part in the 2nd Biennale of Sabbioneta Paralleli.

In 2011, in Denver at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, she partecipatesin the Post Boom exhibition.Always in 2011, in Miami, at the Kavachnina Gallery, she partecipates in the exhibition Zhang Hong Mei, Zeng Yi and Xu De Qi together with other Chinese artists. In 2012, she presents a video on her works at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

During the year she is in Berlin with her own personal exhibition at the Chinese Institute of Culture . In 2013, at the Chinese Institute of Cultural in Madrid, she inaugurates Zhang Hong Mei ‘s Obras Recientes.

In 2015 she partecipates at 56th Biennale in Venice with a monumental work of 12 meters in lenght exposed in extraordinary spaces of Ateneo Veneto for the first time granted to contemporary art. At the end of the year, the city of Miami will place in a stable manner a monumental sculpture in a town square, the first  artist to have her work permanently in a public space in the United States.

曾毅工作照 portraitZeng Yi