Born in 1964 , Jinan ( Shandong ,China )

In 1991 Xu De Qi graduated from Shandong Normal University where he is currently Professor. The artist started his artistic career partecipating to the first important exhibitions in the Shandong province: in 1996 “ Rooted”, the first Chinese Painting association exhibition, in 1997 “ The village on the plains”, the first oil painting Biennale of the Shandong Province in 1999 “ Shandong Art exhibition”.

From 2000 to 2010 he began to exhibit his artworks in the most important chinese museums and galleries and started in this period to conquer Europe and America.

“ Sabbioneta 2th Biennale International Art Exhibition 2010 “, “ Stemperando International Art Exhibition”, “ China Flower” at Ravagnan Art Gallery Venice , “ China Flower” at Pietrasanta Barbara Paci Gallery.

In the 2011 “ China Flower” at Miami Kavachnina Art Gallery, “ China Flower series” at The General Consulate of Italy in Shanghai China , “China Flower series” at Mexico City Mexico Sebastian Foundation.

In 2012 Jinan Shandong Normal University Museum solo exhibition at the “Chinese Institute of Culture of Berlin”, “ Beijing International Art Fair” and “ 2012 London Olympic Fine Arts”.  In 2014 Jinan, solo exhibition”New works” at He He Art Gallery, “ Color of China” at the National Art Museum of Hohot, “ Art Paris Art Fair” Grand Palais Paris, “ Nuvole di drago” and “ China Emotion” at Laura Peluso space in Milan .

In 2015 at “ 56th Esposizione internazionale d’ Arte “ Venice Biennal with “ Friendship Project” China Repubblica di San Marino.

portrait 2 xu de qi