1967 Born in Nanchang, live in Beijing 

1988 Dalian university of technology institute 

2000 Graduated from graduate classes of print Department of the central academy of fine arts 

2005 The 12th China art exposition nomination exhibition in Beijing was elected to “Chinese contemporary art, 2005”

2008 “Art of Nanchang”contemporary art exhibition, (Beijing-Nanchang)

2009 The time of thousand years gallery exhibition, Beijing

2014 Find and view——The kindness and beauty Chinese contemporary art exhibition, Beijing

2016 Jiangxi artist in Beijing  spring salon exhibition The time of thousand years gallery Beijing

2016 Solo Exhibition “A new perspective on the description of nature” Luo Zhiyi art exhibition, the International Art Museum of West City, Ji’nan

2017 Solo exhibition “objects•entropy” 798 Honyo Art Center in Beijing

2017 The third session of Ningbo International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Existence” Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo

2018 Barolo Art solo exhibition during “Collisioni” 2018 held in Aula Picta, Italy

2019 “China Art Now” Palermo, Palazzo Sant’Elia, Italy

Luo Zhi Yi porttrait 3