Xiao Lu was the first female performance artist in China. Her performance when she shot her work Dialogue at the 1989 China/Avant-garde Exhibition at the National Art Museum of China/Beijing attracted the attention of the world and of Chinese society.


For Xiao Lu, art expresses the truth of this moment, as well as being a path of intuition, perception and uncertainty. Her early series of performance works, such as Dialogue (1989 / National Art Museum, Beijing, China/China/Avant-Garde), Sperm ( 2006 / Yan An kangda Hotel, China / Long March Project – Yan An ), Wedlock (2009/Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China/Twenty-year Anniversary of China/Avant-Garde Exhibition ‘Documentary Exhibition), Drunk ( 2009 / La Bellone, Bruseel, Belgium / Women and performance ), all arouse from individual emotions. However, the uncontrollable open-ended-ness of these works became the highlight of this period in her art.

Subsequently, the ultimately unexpected naked swimming of Purge (2013/Museo Diocesana di Venenzia, The 55th Biennale Arte 2013, Italy / The Grand Canal), performed at the opening ceremony of the “Grand Canal” collateral exhibition at the Biennale di Venezia provoked a full-on debate about gender equality and individual freedom in contemporary art.

Since then, Xiao Lu’s focus has gradually shifted from emotion to a wider field in works such as One (2015 / Valand Academy of Fine Art , Gothenburg, Sweden / Live Action 10 – Gothenburg), Money Laundering (2015 / Red Store Bay, Gothenburg, Sweden/Live Action 10 – Gothenburg # Live Time), People (2016/KCCA, Beijing, China / Beyond Action), Poetic Code (2016 / Longyerabyen, Svalbard /Arctic Action), Polar (2016 / Denmark Cultural Centre, Beijing,China / Beijing Live 1).

She was among the seventy most influent Chinese contemporary artists at Guggenheim New York with the great exhibition “ Art and China after 1989• Theater of the World” in the 2017with a solo artists. 

In July 2019 she exhibited at Tate Modern London ( Uk) with “ Xiao Lu and Niki De Saint Phalle”.

 In the October 2019 she was invited for re opening of Moma (NY) as guest due her important work “ Dialogue” inside the Moma permanent collection.

Actually she has producing works with highly personal as well as strong socio-political messages.

Public Collections

Taiking Life, Beijing, China. 


Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China. 20

White Rabbit Contemporary Art Collection, Sydney, Australia. 

MoCA, Singapore.